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this out, the surfer got stuck on a rock just off of ocean beach in santa rosa, near the cliff house restaurant. he climbed up the rock away from the pounding surf to wait for help. two u.s. coast guard swimmers actually paddled out to the rock, the surfer then climbed down, after a long hesitation, he waited and waited and then jumped back in the water and the three paddled through rough surf to calmer waters where a boat picked them up and carried them to safety. >> caltrans crews will start to repair sections of the bay bridge that was damaged. beginning tomorrow, workers will replace the fenders on the western tower. they were destroyed when a ship sideswiped the bridge. the pier itself was not damaged. the repairs are expected to last about 4-1/2 months. the ntsb and coast guard say it could take several months to determine the exact cause of the crash. >> in health matters tonight, regular aspirin users may have an increased risk for blindness. researchers in australia study aspirin users and said that those that use it once or more a week has more risk for macular degeneration
. and maybe the 20s continuing into thursday's forecast. here we go. we will start off with 27 in santa rosa. and 26 in napa, 34 in fremont, and 33 in san jose, and our coldest spot is at gilroy at an estimated 25 degrees. now that 25 will be more than ten degrees below our average low, but here is some good news. it's not going to be the coldest morning ever in gilroy. that happened in 1963 when gilroy topped out at 18 degrees for a morning low. there's something to make you feel not so bad about weaking up with temperatures in the mid 20s. we will see san jose top out at 56, 54 in palo alto. and dublin, 51 and 53 in heyward. and san francisco 53, and 56 in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast. drew through thursday and then through the forecast, we have plenty of sunshine coming our way in the up coming weekend. it's not going to get warm or mild but temperatures will eventually bump up to the 60s here as we head throughout friday. so, definitely not a heat spell, but i think you will notice a difference as we head throughout friday's forecast. >> 60s seem boiling hot. >> i know, right?
cold tomorrow. 27 in santa rosa. 30 in napa. 29 in concord and livermore. san jose, 36 degrees. tomorrow again we are expecting another warm day. not as warm as today. a lot of that heating has spread across the area. temperatures tomorrow more uniform across the board. 64 in santa rosa. 64 in livermore. 63 in san francisco. not as wa the mavericks in town for tomorrow. that's when we expect some of the highest surf across the area. the first round begins at 8:00. you can catch this on we will be streaming it all day long. the temperatures comfortable, but not as warm as it was today. 67 for the high temperature tomorrow at half moon bay. as far as your seven-day forecast, the warm weather will stick around for the next couple of days. you'll notice by tuesday, a few clouds drift in. that's going to cool us a bit. the system scoots to our north on wednesday. that will offer a few showers if you live in the north bay, otherwise not a big storm system in the next seven days. there will be a cut-off low that drifts across the pacific over wednesday, thursday, frida
. and 28 in santa rosa and by the afternoon on wednesday, it will be sunny and hazy and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. not a huge warm up expected for tomorrow. but definitely noticeable. on the three-day forecast. sunny through thursday and friday, we get to the mid 60s by the end of the work week and yes, it gets better as we head into the up coming weekend. by saturday, 66 degrees. i'm calling it a sweet stride. a bit of a -- as we go through sunday, clouds are in here, mid 60s and for martin luther king day, it takes sunny and next tuesday, we will have rain off shore, we are not putting a rain icon on there yet, but we are looking for sub tropical cal moisture, could be interesting by mid next week. >> 3-day weekend coming up. >> thanks, jeff. >> we will be right back. >> hockey is back and the sharks will play against phoenix, if you do not have tickets your first chance is pick them up is less than 24 hoirs away. tickets will go on sail at 10:00 tomorrow morning online at ticket, there's a ten ticket limit per game. and you can go to hp pavilion to buy ti
will get it close to 60, and it looks like we will take out of the mid 60 category, santa rosa could be one of the warmest. starting off in one of the coldest tomorrow. it will see a 30 degree jump in temperatures, san francisco 60. it's dry and sunny throughout thursday, friday and saturday. awesome whether this weekend. and watch out, we will likely have a warning this weekend, so while it's surf's up for the maveric mavericks. if you are a experienced swimmer, we will have uniquer waves, it look likes we will have moisture off shore that will bring us rainfall next week, no rain icon on there yet, we are eyeing it as we had a active november and december, it has been dry lately. but we can use more. >> did you say 70s? >> possibly. >> santa cruise -- popular retailer recalls half a million baby outfits, we will give you the details next. >> there were two major recalls announced today for popular children's products, the first is from target, which is recalling more than a half a million of these two-piece pj sets they do not meet federal flammability standards. and bug-a-boo is recallin
. 67 in san jose. 63 in liverlore and 65 in santa rosa. so try and sunny. temperatures close to 70 degrees. next week, no rain in the forecast. looks like that moisture may stay offshore. if you are heading out to the mavericks to see it as the festival, that's the best place for it. >> 40 degrees what the temperature. amazing. >>> why the giants' world series trophy has made a special cross country trip today. >>> don't even ask. a trophy flies first class and has landed in the big apple today on the giants themed airplane fans got to take photos with the trophy. like they did in 2010, the giants are taking the trophy to new york city, their original home of the franchise. >>> michelle obama is celebrating her 49th birthday today and one of the things she did is open up a twitter account. her handle got more than 15,000 followers after her first tweet. her staff will largely be managing the account. but tweets by the first lady will be signed mo, the initials for michelle obama. back in a moment. >>> final check on the forecast. how long is the warm weather sticking around? >> for
, 63 degrees. 64 in santa rosa. monday and tuesday, likely the warmest days. staying dry, with a slight chance of showers on wednesday. thursday into friday, clearing skies. maybe a slight warm-up. and then stay tuned. next weekend, been a while, it looks like we'll see a chance, better chance of seeing rain arriving with cooler temperatures next weekend. >> we need a little rain. >> we do. >> thank you, rob. >>> right now we want to go to hen henry wofford. niners? >> we can't get enough of the 49ers right now. they have a young quarterback and second year head coach. the red and gold took care of business in the dirty south. it wasn't easy. but it was definitely worth it. we've got your highlights, interviews and a live report from atlanta. who does it better than us? nobody! we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. san francisco fans are loving life right now. the giants won the world series in two of the last three years, and the niners are a victory away from winning their sixth super bowl. let's head out to the georgia dome where colin kaepernick was looking to lead
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7